I am a multi-skilled Creative Editor and Director based in Toronto, Ontario. My experience ranges from Film, and Broadcast editing with the BBC to commercial,  documentary, sport, CG, trailer & viral marketing projects. I have led teams of editors through several multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for clients such as Warner Bros, EA, Eidos and Disney. I pride myself on my ability to take projects from concept to completion, often taking a pro-active roll in writing, script development and pre-visualization as well as utilizing additional skills in cinematography, sound mixing and colour grading. I work well in high pressure environments,  pay a high level of attention to detail and can be relied upon to take a project through to final delivery. 

Skill Set

  • Editing: Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut (7 and X), Adobe Premier Pro
  • Online and Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects (not advanced), Apple Motion, Adobe Speedgrade, Davinci Resolve. 
  • Sound Mixing: Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Steinberg Cubase
  • Cinematography: Canon C Series, Sony FS7,  Panasonic GH5, RED, Blackmagic Cinema Cameras.



  • Goldtooth Creative |  Head of Editorial |  5 years leading a team of editors at a successful creative agency/Post production facility in Vancouver, specialising in conception and production of film, broadcast, viral and visual effects projects.
  • BBC World Service | Director, Editor, Camera Op, Sound Engineer | 4 years filming and editing news packages, features and documentaries for broadcast on TV and web.


  • Raw Television, London, UK | Editor | Contracted to edit  promos aid with development of feature documentaries.
  • Big Pond Sport, Sydney, Australia | Editor | Editing live sports highlights and sports documentaries and TV spots.
  • Fire One Entertainment, Vancouver, Canada |Editor | Contracted to edit the TV series “Callout: Search and Rescue”


  • "Bohdan" (Goldtoth Creative/Pied Piper Productions)  | Film Editor & additional writing | Hybrid Documentary/SciFi independent feature film.
  • "The Mechanical Apartheid" (Eidos Montreal) Co-Writer, Director of Photography & Editor | Short sci-fi film based in the "Deus Ex" universe.  
  • "Mortal Kombat Legacy" (Warner Brothers) | Film Editor | Series of high-budget short films directed by Kevin Trancheon, staring Michael Jai White, Darren Shahlavi, Jeri Ryan and Tamoh Penniket. 
    • Episode 3 “Johnny Cage”  
    • Episode 4 “Kitana and Mileena Part 1” 
    • Episode 5 “Kitana and Mileena Part 2”
    • Episode 6 “Raiden” 
  • Teen Lust”  (Independant Edge Films) |  Assistant Editor | Comedy feature film.
  • “Past Obsessions” (Shavick Entertainment) | Assembly Editor | Dramatic TV feature film
  • "Will Sampson and the Self Perpetuating Cycle of Un-intended Abstinence"  (Self Adhesive Media) |  Producer, Director of Photography and Editor | Short comedy film featured at Palm Springs Film Festival
  • "Exit Interview" (Tony Leech) | Cinematographer | Short film,  Winner of Canon film competition “Story Behind the Still” 


  • "Making of middle Earth Shadow of Mordor" (Warner Brothers Interactive) | Director/Co-Producer/Editor | Documentary web series.
  • "The Rickshaw Run" (BBC World Service) | Director/Producer | Short documentary film shot in India, licensed to the BBC.
  • "Hooligan" (Eyeline Entertainment) | Additional Cinematography |  Feature documentary by Donal McIntyre.
  • "La Marca" (Lucky Dog Pictures) | Director/Producer | Short Documentary set in Havana. In production. 

Other live action

  • "Deus Ex, Project CKP"  (Eidos Montreal/Square Enix) | Supervising Editorial | 48 hour broadcast on "Twitch" featuring pre-edited scripted scenes. 
  • “Purity First”(Eidos Montreal) | Supervising Editor, Co-writer, DOP  | Live action/CG short film set in the "Deus Ex" universe. Nominated for “Trailer of the Year” 2011 Video Games Awards.
  • "Sarif Industries"(Eidos Montreal) | Editor | Live action viral commercial.
  • “Thief” (Eidos Montreal/Square Enix) | Supervising Editor and co-writer | Live action trailer.


  • "Deus Ex, Mankind Divided" Launch trailer (Eidos Montreal/Square Enix) | Co-writer and Creative Editor
  • "Theif" Launch trailer (Eidos Montreal/Square Enix) | Supervising Editor 
  • "SSX Deadly Descents" Cinematic Trailer (EA Sports) | Lead Editor 
  • "Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor" Launch Trailer (Warner Interactive) | Supervising Editor
  • "Dodo Pop" (Disney) | Supervising Editor and Colorist

Commercial (TV)

  • "Dungeons & Dragons: Rage of Demons" (WIzards of the Coast) | Supervising Editor
  • "Deus Ex Human Revolution: It All Leads to Adam" (DDB, LA) | Editor
  • "Fast and Furious 6: The Game" (Kabam/Universal) | Director/Editor
  • "Marvel Contest of Champions" (Kabam/Marvel) | Supervising Editor
  • "Star Wars Commander" (Disney/Lucasfilm) | Supervising Editor

Gameplay Trailers and Cinematics

  • "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor", Marketing Campaign (Warner Interactive) | Supervising Editor 
  • "Deus Ex Human Revolution" Gameplay Trailer  (Eidos Montreal/Square Enix) | Lead Editor and Game Capture Artist
  • "Deus Ex Human Revolution Multiple Endings" (Eidos Montreal/Square Enix) |  Colourist
  • "Just Cause 3" Cinematics (Avalanche Studios) | Supervising Editor
  • "Prototype 2" Cinematics (Radical Entertainment) | Editor


  References available on request